Mission and Values

The mission & vision of our company:Help small and medium-sized chemical enterprises to the world,and help the people of Foreschem to pursue a higher life.
The values of Foreschem:
External values:
 Keep the promise to all the partners , the promise is more important than the profit.
 The business is ultimately to make friends, care about what customers care.
 Quickly and promptly reply.
 Employees are responsible for the company and always maintain the reputation and image of the company.
Internal values:
 Don’t be afraid of difficulties, be responsible for what you should be responsible for.
 Keep the heart of exploration,innovation ans self-improvement.
 Transparent management, just , and true.
 Quick battle,completion date issue date.
 Work scrupulously to fulfill duties,be fair in meting out rewards or punishments.
 Participate in decision-making,obey the decision.