FORESWOOD- Furniture

2019/9/27 11:35:39

In the tradition, wooden villa, wooden pavilion, wooden stack board, yacht deck, wooden beam, outdoor wooden furniture and other use logs, carbonized wood, anticorrosive wood, impregnated wood, acetylated wood, wood plastic composite materials.

The new material, Foreswood, is designed to replace the endangered natural hardwood by biochemical treatment of infinitely renewable cork resources, and to form a more perfect wood performance than the hardwood grown for thousands of years.Compared with the density and hardness of sandalwood, acid branch and ebony, mori black wood has the characteristics of high stability, durability, high hardness and high density, and overcomes the weakness of wood. It has the advantages of flame retardant, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-marine organisms and anti-termite. Foreswood is widely used.


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